Top 5 destinations for family holiday this year

Going on vacation with children is different from all your previous vacations. You need to be very careful in choosing a location that is fun for children and safe as well. Here the best places to visit with family this year.

Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks


A visit to this place will give your child a Wild West experience. Sequoia will give you access to brilliant sky-scraping trees. In Yellowstone, you can have camping experience. There are many interesting programs inside the park that your children can participate in and have a great time.



If you want your child to meet people of a different culture then, India is the best place. You will have a cultural and culinary adventure by going to India. Indian dishes are now world famous. So, you will be able to enjoy delicious spicy food throughout your stay in India.



Your children can see miles of desserts by visiting Dubai. You will find the sun any time of the year. There are beaches and palm trees. There are many theme parks which your children will love.

Costa Rica


It is a great place for jungle safari. It is listed as one of the world’s happiest countries. Here you will find varieties of wildlife adventures for children. Yo will get to see lots of monkeys, macaws, poison-arrow frogs, and other animals.



Rome has something to offer to each member of the family, whether young or old. You should visit Rome for its history. Your children will love having pizza on the streets. Rome is a beautiful city, and you can have a great time with your family here.
When traveling with your children abroad, safety must be your major concern. So, choose places where you can find good accommodation and transportation to move around.